Monday, April 21, 2014

[GSoC] Porting RTEMS to OpenRISC - Introduction

This year (2014) I’m participating in GSoC program with RTEMS. The project—Porting RTEMS to OpenRISC— (as its name indicates) aims to port RTEMS to OpenRISC architecture. Porting a well-known open source RTOS software like RTEMS for a big open source hardware architecture such as OpenRISC would be of useful to both HW and SW communities. The new port will target a broad range of users and fields (hobbyists, digital designers, computer architecture, embedded systems, industrial applications, etc).

In order to have a successful long term RTEMS port for OpenRISC that people can use, there are main goals (increments) to achieve during the project:

1- Integrate OpenRISC toolchain into RTEMS

To be able to compile and build RTEMS for OpenRISC architecture, some tools need to be added to RTEMS toolchain first. OpenRISC has its own tool-chain independent of RTEMS. So, the job would involve integrating both OpenRISC and RTEMS tool-chain, and make the necessary modifications/additions that fit for RTEMS. These tools include:
  • binutils
  • gdb
  • newlib 
  • gcc
  • RSB (RTEMS Source Builder)

2- Porting low-level pieces of RTEMS

This includes writing start assembly, device drivers, interrupt handlers, context save, etc. The main components in RTEMS which this goal have to deal with are:

score/cpu: To define general/common OpenRISC architecture's functions.
libcpu (optional): To contain cache and MMU managers.
libbsp: BSPs code.

3- Writing a BSP for a board that OpenRISC supports

A simple BSP that can run hello world and ticker would be needed to be a front-end interface to OpenRISC and RTEMS users. Two BSPs can implemented:

openrisc_or1ksim: This BSP should be for simulation and debugging purposes only.
openrisc_atlys: I have Atlys board which can be used during the project to be the first OpenRISC BSP on RTEMS. Atlys is supported by OpenRISC and libgloss port and can run linux kernel.

4- Setup simulators and debuggers for OpenRISC.

This task includes writing sim-scripts to use openrisc or1k tools, simulators, debuggers. Software and hardware debugging should supported at this stage.


  • Platform: Fedora 20 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
  • Toolchain: Latest toolchain for OpenRISC.
  • Simulators: or1ksim and/or qemu.
  • Debuggers: gdb connected to or1ksim (OpenRISC tools). Also I should be debugging at real HW (Atlys board) by gdb via JTAG channel.
  • Hardware: Atlys FPGA board (supported by OpenRISC).

If you are interested, I should be posting any updates for the project here in my blog. Also, you may want to have a look at project source code at my github account. Project link at RTEMS also exists.

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